Cashback blackjack

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Bonus: C$1.000
Bonus: C$1.600
Bonus: C$600

Name: Cashback Blackjack
Developer: Playtech
Game Type: Cards
Rules: Not available
Strategy: Not available



Play Cashback Blackjack for free, without downloading or registering. This is thanks to a demo version that allows you to learn the ins and outs of the game.

The Goal of the Game

The goal, as in all variants of Blackjack, is to get as close to 21 as possible thanks to the total score across your cards, without going over and still beating the the dealer’s (house) hand.

How to play Cashback Blackjack

This game is played with six decks of cards. To begin, you must put your bet on the table. To do this, click on a chip to select it and then on one of the hands available to you: these are the circles that you will see on the “mat” in front of you.

Click on one of these to deposit the chosen currency and increase the number and value of the bet as you click, since each one will deposit one more coin of that chosen value. You can bet on as many hands as you want.

With Clear Bets you can clean the betting table in case you want to redo your initial bet. With Double, what you do is multiply all the bets you have on the table by two. If you are not sure what you have bet, hit Undo and the last bet you placed will disappear.

With the Deal button, you will deal the cards. A two-card hand will be placed in front of each table position where you have placed a bet, and also in front of the dealer (the house).

If you are playing more than one hand, the action you take will be for each hand separately, always starting with the one furthest to the right.

If the card that the house has face up is an ace, you will be offered Insurance. You can accept it with Accept or decline the opportunity with Decline. If you do this, it will not be offered to you again in that round unless you reactivate it with the button that you will find in the Menu.

If your first two cards have the same value, you can hit Split and split it. With Hit you ask for another card and with Double, you double your bet and receive a third – and last – card. If you don’t want any more cards, you have to hit Stand.

The actions Insurance, Double or Split require an additional bet, so it is important that you take that into account.

The dealer will reveal the face down card and deal more cards according to the rules. At the end of the round, each of your hands is compared to the house’s (the dealer’s).

If you want to play another round with the same bets as the current one, hit Rebet and then Deal. Or you can even choose Rebet & Deal to make everything happen as quickly as possible.

The Cashback command on a hand gives you extra pay to prevent participation in that round. The money you receive appears in the Cashback button. After hitting this button on one hand, you cannot carry out any further actions.